J-Smart Technologies was established in 2020 in Dubai to meet the growing demand for quality but affordable IT Services.

J-Smart Technologies brings together a strong business and business development understanding with an excellent technical team. This enables the company to understand the ‘big picture’ of what a client requires to communicate with different groups of people and supports that with the technical expertise to meet the objectives efficiently. Like most things in life, this sounds very simple yet it is rarely found or delivered.

We aim to create the difference to enable clients to work with greater flexibility and to communicate with target audiences through various media to achieve their overall objectives.

J-Smart helps clients to use smart technologies to run a smart business.

Are you getting the most out of your website or does it look tired?

Websites are a shop window. The window does need updating regularly for customers or those passing-by. Like any shop window it is all about finding the right content to attract or hook the passer-by. J-Smart helps you create the right hooks.

What do you do when your IT System or Website fails you?

We rely on our IT systems for personal and business more than ever. Getting the most out of technology to work more efficiently and with more flexibility. When something goes wrong a quick reliable response is needed to get you up and running again and to perhaps save data. J-Smart provides that support.

How well do you sell through digital and online channels?

Events of 2020 have demonstrated to us all that we need to drive business through different channels. Using social media, digital solutions, applications are all vital components of a company able to continue moving forward in any environment. J-Smart can help your business open up new channels to customers.

Our Team

Steven Vanson

General Manager

Asim Mohammad

IT Support

Ashish Jain

Technical Advisor

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