Different marketing channels require different content. Posts of interest need to be used as well as direct marketing or sales offers. Content needs to be eye-catching, different and informative. J-Smart works with clients to improve visibility and increase channels.


The type of posts or digital marketing or sales solutions impact on the reach or targeting a company requires. Using specific solutions, targeting and reach will improve marketing efficiency and engagement. Just because a company has always done things in a specific way it does not mean it is the best way moving forward.


J-Smart can produce website and digital solutions for different uses. This could be prospectus’, company profiles, reports, magazines and advertising or marketing solutions. Relying on traditional channels and methods is never enough.

Our Services

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Social Media Set Up and Management

  • Social Media Marketing¬†

  • Campaign Management

  • Logo and Brand Guideline Development

  • Digital Brochure, Product Spec Sheets and Advertisements

  • Corporate Profiles and Annual Reports

  • Flyers, Exhibition Collateral and Other Digital Requirements