Fit For Purpose

Your website must be able to deliver the functions your business requires, whether it be a reference point, information delivery, or sales. J-Smart delivers ‘Fit for Purpose’ solutions with themes that can be used across multiple digital channels.

Create a difference

How many websites look the same these days?

J-Smart Technologies aim to balance controlling the development cost and creating a site that delivers the best impression and looks different. Your website should not be a ‘One Size Fits All’ solution. Create solutions that make people notice you.

Search Orientated

Your website must be be designed in such a way that search engines can easily recognise key words and phrases. Content, blogs, news and testimonials can help your website be recognised in searches. This is not a ‘one time fix’ solution, but an ongoing process.

Website and Application Services

  • Website and Portal Design

  • Website and Portal Development

  • Graphic Design, Video and Animation

  • Hosting and Website Management

  • Mobile Application Design 

  • IoS and Android Application Development

  • Website and Application Security

  • Back Office and CRM Development